Friday, February 19, 2010

Jenny & Jill

12x9 oil on panel

I had just over an hour and threw this little painting together. I don't know why I find animals so easy to paint loosely. I've left the background so unfinished, so unlabored. Probably the color and anatomy of the animals makes me feel less pressure to get it absolutely correct.

Anyway, I am quite pleased. This felt more like me! And I took photos every so often so I could share this process and review it myself.


Anthony Duce said...

Thanks for sharing the process. I liked the painting too.

Linda said...

Just over an hour?!!! I am very impressed! It is such a great little painting. Love the color and brush strokes. And thanks for the little video to share your process. I'm just blown away! :-)

Carol Schiff Studio said...

You did that in an hour!!!!! I need to do something different as I can easily spend 2-3 on just a little 5x7. You are amazing and so is your paintng.

Marian Fortunati said...

Looking forward to the video... (when will it be available???)

I absolutely LOVE your animals... and I can't believe you just "threw that one together"!!.


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