Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Morning

9x12 oil on panel

This morning I went painting at Spicewood Farms with Plein Air Austin. The weather was brisk, and the sun didn't make an appearance until we left, go figure, but I got a couple of nice paintings/starts. The stables were bustling with morning chores and some riders. And the horses were frisky because of the cold air.
Its funny that I don't paint horses more often. Growing up I did everything I could to be around horses. I've worked with saddlebreds, racehorses and hunters. I mucked stalls and cleaned tack and groomed all to pay for lessons and in the hopes of getting offered a ride. I eventually got to own them too (thanks Mom and Dad!) and spent many years training, riding and showing hunters. I think they are truly one of God's most amazing creations. They are such beautiful animals. And so curious and friendly. I think only the dog could compete with the loyalty and affection a horse can share with its master.

8x8 oil on panel - unfinished obviously


Jennifer C said...

Lovely work. I like the "unfinished" portrait of Merlin. Thanks for the excellent photographs as well. I knew from the casual way you opened the gate for Jasper and me that you had to have been around horses before!

Anonymous said...

i adore horses just as much if not more, they demand respect if they are to return it. loverly paintings

Kate said...

What's so unfinished?! It's beautiful. I love the colors you used on these.

mike rooney studios said...

you OK? just checking,.. you havent posted in a while.


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