Friday, November 14, 2008

Macy Sketch and Fall Shoes

Pencil on paper, nfs

I took the day off today. I went shopping with a friend. Very unusual for me. So here I have some more sketches of Macy. And yes, to answer my mom's question on the previous sketch, she is this fat unfortunately.
Ya'll have a wonderful weekend. I'm hoping we get some cold weather. 81 is too hot for mid-Nov. and I want to wear my new stacked-heel "oxford" patent leather shoes. This is really off topic, but I love shoes. My husband calls me Imelda. He buys racing tires - I buy a different kind of tread - and we're both happy.
Hmmm, maybe I should paint these - they are really pretty.


Judy said...

Hi Robin,
I have been receiving your blog in an RSS feed. Suddenly, it says that the feed no longer exists. Do you know what has happened?
I love your paintings and drawings!

Robin Cheers said...

Hi Judy -
I looked into my blogger settings and had left a feedburner address in. I deleted it and hopefully the rss feeds will work properly. I know nothing about them, or how blogger does that but lets hope it just happens to work right now.
Thanks!! Robin

Alexandre Jay said...

Lovely sketches.

Judy said...

You are back up and running, I think. I'll know for sure the next time you post something -- and I'll let you know.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

paint those pretty shoes.
I just ordered two pair of shoes from Lands End because 1. they were greatly reduced prices and 2. free shipping.

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