Monday, November 17, 2008

Favorable Review

16x8 oil on panel
Purchase info to come soon (I promise).

Another favorite painter, Cezanne, who has painted his father presumably reading reviews of exhibitions by contemporaries like Manet. Apparently Cezanne's father didn't care much for his career choice and so depicting him reading this newspaper was sort of a coup for Cezanne. The young woman is reading over one of the museum cards which tells the story of the artwork - The Artist's Father, Reading "L'Evenement"

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Cecelia said...

This reminds me that my grandson and I are going to be working on his cards for Picture Memory for UIL. He participated last year and was so thrilled to get a medal and a certificate. He's hoping for a higher place this year. He's in 5th grade. I thought that VASE is a much better idea for students, but this does have advantages since they are learning about the artist, the style, history, and the paintings. I'm amazed at how much he knows.

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