Thursday, November 20, 2008

Macy Again

pencil on paper, nfs

If I dared post a picture of my studio at the moment, you would laugh. Its so packed with frames, boxes, paintings, etc. that I can barely get in. Poor Macy can't follow me in, there isn't even room for her to sit. Besides the mess in the studio, the rest of my life is rather brimming too. I've been volunteering a lot at school this week and not had the time I have wanted to paint. But here is another sketch at least. Macy has very bad posture. I've never seen a dog sit like her before. She rolls over on her hind end so that her back legs are lined up with her front ones.

1 comment:

mike rooney studios said...

just "tagged" you on my blog. hope you'll play!

loved the wyeth pc a few posts back

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