Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank You

I am feeling particularly blessed this week to have such a wonderful, supportive audience for this blog and my artwork.
I can't express how much I appreciate all your thoughtful comments, your encouragement and helpful hints. I love the ideas that have been coming in regarding my need for inspiration. Some of you sent my some cool photos which triggered my imagination. Some had great ideas for new places to look for subject matter. Thanks to you all! And V - I still don't know what an Aggie is either. :-)
This whole genre of "art on the internet" and the communities I am part of now is really amazing. I've met some fantastic artists, made very generous and helpful friends... though I've actually had the pleasure of meeting them face to face rarely. I have a great resource in the Daily Painter's Gallery forums. And art collectors who might otherwise have bought prints at their nearby superstore, are now finding original, unique art for themselves and their friends.

Happy happy joy joy

Oil on Paper Studies

For those who might be wondering about my studies on paper; the paper I am using is called "Acrylic" by Stathmore. It says: "Heavyweight, linen finish is perfect for acrylic painting. Acid free."
I am not priming it in anyway. Just painting on it. It is a nice stiff paper too, almost like a museum board. The oils get absorbed quickly, and the paint doesn't move very much on it but that lends itself to my process for these studies. It is an exercise in putting a stroke down precisely and building on it, not dabbling and softening. I have a tendency to want to blend and soften with oils which I think is being noncommittal or unsure of where I am going. When I start dabbling, its time to stop painting and refocus.


mike rooney said...

glad youre feeling re-energized robin. this internet crew is supportive and we wouldnt even know each other if we passed on the street would we? thats too cool!
thanks for the info on the paper too

mike rooney said...

got Hot Mama today and love it!
i get told that they look better in person than on the computer, but now i see exactly what they mean. yours has so much more subtle color changes than what i thought i was buying. its beautiful and will look great on my wall.

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