Monday, September 08, 2008

Jack - 30 Minute Study

12x9 oil on paper

This is Karin Jurick's Jack. I painted it to participate in her new painter's challenge Different Strokes from Different Folks. I love this concept. She posts a photo and anyone can work from it and it will be posted to the blog. Its fun to see all the varied interpretations and I look forward to doing more. Its so good for artists to do exercises and I am always looking for new ideas.

This was my jump start back to painting. What a long break I've taken. Remember when I said I was going to do something daily no matter what? I'm still laughing at that. Never put things in writing. ;-)

It was very hard going back to work, so that is another reason I am grateful to Karin for starting this. It at least gave me something to do. Otherwise, I'd be floundering with too many possibilities and feeling overwhelmed.

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