Monday, September 15, 2008


6x18 oil on three panels
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Today, I really wanted to loosen up. This was a great
exercise because it was something so different. I just painted the large shapes and pushed the color. I didn't see the shapes as "birds" and get tied up in "what it is." I then worked into another painting with a human form to try to carry on this looseness. I will show you that tomorrow.

Now. My subject. Grackles are not terribly popular in Austin, though they are interesting birds. They are usually found in urban areas, but they've invaded my backyard recently. They are scaring my song birds away from the feeder. They are aggressive, loud, congregate in large groups, and can destroy your car if you park under their


Mark Bridges said...

You captured their likeness spot on. I do carry oyster crackers in the car to feed the females in the parking lots. The males just peacock around.

Erika Nelson said...

Very effective! You also captured their stance nicely. Saw you in Diff. Strokes, loved the vertical format you chose. - Erika

Terry Rafferty said...

I love these, Robin! I know Grackles are a pest in Texas, but when you don't have to put up with them all of the time, they are pretty fun birds!
I have been thinking about your "Challenge Me" post for days now - I just don't see your problem! Every painting you post just catches me. I guess my best suggestion would be to read "Art & Fear - a great small book that deals with what its like to be an artist. I re-read it about once a year and am always amazed to realize - once again - that all of us share the same questions....

(Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking, by David Bayles and Ted Orland)

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