Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Traveling this week and next, but I have managed to update my main website and wanted to invite everyone to visit it. So click and see my newest gallery paintings in a format that will be so much more easily updated and kept current.

For other artists out there - I test drove a few portfolio sites and really liked Foliosnap the best. It was so easy to upload and label images and build the galleries and other pages, all within their easy templates. No sizing images and making my own thumbnails. No coding. What a major relief.


Cecelia said...

Love your new website! Congratulations. And thanks for the advice about what worked for you.
Remember that Saturday June 21 is the 19th World Wide Sketch Crawl. Even if you are traveling, maybe you can take at least a few minutes to participate.
I also have information on my blog.

Holly Van Hart said...

Robin, just stumbled across your blog and website. (great new website!) i love the way you paint light, and the energy in your paintings. wonderful! Holly

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