Friday, June 27, 2008

Beach Sketch

pencil with watercolor wash

This was another little sketch trying to capture the masses of people on the beach. I think it was busier this year than last. More and more people are discovering the gorgeous white sands on Siesta Key. I think its owing to it appearing in more than one "best beaches" list.

I found the watercolor made it quite easy to "suggest" people. Just a dab of the brush. But what I'm really aiming for with this kind of sketching/journaling is like what I see on the Sketchcrawl site. "They" have organized worldwide sketching days and have lots of good suggestions about materials (I need to find the right pen and book/paper) and you go solo, or with others, to just go out and observe and sketch the community around you. I have yet to join an official day for this as I've had conflicts since I learned of it. But NEXT time! Though I "crawled" during my whole vacation and have pencil sketches from home, the airport, roadside views complete with billboards, seagulls and sandcrabs, and my brother-in-law building one of his very cool sand sculptures (he took that sketch home with him.)

I think that my increased sketching and observing have made me a better artist. I carry a sketchbook everywhere now. Its just small and fits in my purse. I was always a doodler; now I don't need napkins. One less thing to float around my studio.


Cecelia said...

Very nice watercolor!
Are you using a sketchbook with watercolor paper? I've started carrying a pad of watercolor paper and a sketchbook in a totebag, and a travel set of watercolors in my purse. An empty film container or medicine bottle, for water, and I'm all set!
Glad to see that you mentioned the sketch crawl. You could probably post those on the Sketch Crawl site. You really did participate! That's great!

Melody said...

Glad to see you back Robin.I've missed seeing your beautiful artwork and reading your blog. Sounds like it was a great trip and quite inspiring too. Thanks for the tip on the sketch site...really a cool idea. Keep posting your sketches said...

Excelent Robin! pure watercolor, simple and professional.

Sharon said...

Hi Robin: Check out my blog ( to see some of my pen and watercolour sketches. I will be having a post going up on Sunday that shows my complete kit. Let me know if you want any more info.

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