Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pouring Forth

7x5 oil on linen panel
$100 + $11 s/h - sold

No, my creativity is not pouring forth. Bummer. This was a struggle once again today.
But I am pleased with the result. I have narrowed down my trouble though. Drawing. I can't seem to draw. Usually, I start a painting by sketching my lines/shapes with my brush and a thinned dark like alizarin and that is sufficient to get me going. I can see the finished painting basically.
But the last couple of days, I can't seem to get that initial part of it. To get through this painting I divided up my panel, diligently drew with pencil all my lines, measured very carefully, etc. I much prefer being able to start with a flourish.

Ah, the struggles of an artist. Not nearly so thought-provoking a read as, say, van Gogh.


Cecelia said...

For someone who feels like they can't draw, you do a mighty fine job of it! 8>))
As I would tell my students who said that they "can't draw", you can draw. It's just that you are not drawing, right now, the way that you would like to draw. It was next to impossible to convince them of that, though.
I feel like I can draw, in my own way, but not the way that I would really like to draw-or paint, or anything else. I guess that, if we were too satisfied, we wouldn't grow in our art or lives.
One thing that helped me, a lot, in my figure drawing, was to take several night classes in that at the university. (It was the only thing offered at night!) Then, I would go back and teach those things to my high school students, and practice along with them.
The prof told me that there is a group who get together, pay for a model, and do figure drawing. I didn't have time for that, then, so I just try to practice the things that I learned, and use the reference books that we used in class.
I do something similar with calligraphy in that, when I notice that my handwriting is getting sloppy, or my drawing, too, I pull out my notebook paper, lettering book, pens, ruler, etc., and go back to the basics. Arthritis has a little to do with it now, but I still need to brush up on my skills from time to time.
You really do a terrific job on your figures! But, I know what you mean. Personally, I would love to be able to do photo realism, but I'm an expressionist, or cartoonist. I can do some realism, but it becomes so painful to do, and I'm still not satisfied with it, that I just have to let go and go back to my real self!
Good luck and hope that you reach that stage of being satisfied with your work.
I've had people tell me that they have pulled my work out of trashcans, and had it framed. I get so disgusted, that I reach a stage where I throw everything away, and try to start over. I don't have enough patience, I guess.

comfortablydumb said...

I just discovered your blog. Great work! I'm adding you to my favorites. =) I'm becoming more and more drawn to impressionistic styles.
Mine is at http://eight-fold-path.blogspot.com/ if you want to look at my stuff. Not near as good, but I have fun. =) Just wanted to say "good job."

Deborah Paris said...

I like the high key with a few dark accents, also the repeating glasses. This does not look labored at all- often when someone uses a very precise drawing the effect turns out a bit like a coloring book (filling in the shapes rather than painting them) but here, yours has a very loose painterly feel. Very nice!

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