Monday, January 28, 2008


16x12 oil on panel (see below for framed image)

Ask Russell Collection Fine Art about this painting.

Someone asked me at the Plein Air Austin "art share" Saturday why I was frustrated much of last year. Upon reflection, I think it was because I was not able to express myself. I think my mind was ready for the next step; I knew the brushwork I wanted to create, the gesture and impression... but my hands had not caught up. I felt a disconnect between what I saw in my mind and what I was able to make happen on the canvas. I am feeling pretty good these last few months about my ability to get the painting how I envisioned it at the outset. Lots of suggestion, basically. More and more impressionistic.

This painting I did late on Friday night when I couldn't sleep. I got to thinking about our trip to France nearly 8 years ago and browsed through my photos. This is so very like Nice and many of those old cities of Europe.

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Takeyce said...

Hi Robin.
I hear you about the hands not cathcing up to the vision in the mind. I struggle with that often. You should be proud of the work you've been doing. I've enjoyed seeing your work over the last year.


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