Thursday, January 17, 2008

City Road

6x6 oil on panel
$100 + $11 s/h
Like yesterday, this came at the end of a lot of frustration. I didn't intend to do a road, but it makes a nice companion for the other. Changing gears again.

I actually went downtown today to Halycon - my favorite coffe house. It was totally remodeled and surprised me. Its still got great atmosphere and light at least. And a nice cuppa hot cocoa. So I sketched for two hours. And I thought I had all this inspiration to paint the scenes. I could even see, briefly, the completed paintings. And then I got to the paint box later today and had NOTHIN'.

I painted some of the sketches. I tried a couple of figures. I gave up. I have heard in workshops & from different artists that you need to visualize the final painting... and I used to think that was impossible - I'd lose the idea as I looked at my work. But now I do actually see and know where I am going (usually) through the course of painting. Perhaps I developed this over time and with consistent work. Perhaps its something in my subconscious. And normally I can look at even a crappy photo and see something brilliant in it and I go straight to work.

I suppose we all have those times however when the muse is just off napping somewhere. That seems to be my lot this week. Well, we can't be on fire all the time and a break is healthy. Tomorrow I will see what I come up with or post my sketches from today, but a friendly neighborhood mom's happy hour begins late afternoon and I am going to embrace the weekend!

Alla ya'll too! (that is very Texan. Ya'll is ONE person. Alla ya'll is a group.)


ming said...

I think it's great to keep working wether the muse is awake or not. think of it as you taking a long drive and a loved one is asleep beside you:)

i like this piece, looks like there's hope at the end of this road

Anonymous said...

I love your work! er, passion... The paintings are so connected to life and there is such a feeling conveyed in each and every one. I love that you are in Texas as well.
Austin is a great place for creativity.
I live in Houston, just retired after teaching art for 32
years.. little ones to junior high. My love was to kindle a light in these kids.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful art.

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