Thursday, December 06, 2007

Down Time

7x5 oil on panel

This is a "study" based on a larger piece I did (see below). I liked my beginning so well on that painting, I wanted to repeat the effect. The beginning and final piece are below. Sometimes I want to stop at this sketchy point... but I continued as you can see and filled in the canvas.

The painting below is going to my new gallery in Austin next week. I am really excited to announce that the Russell Collection is going to be representing my work here in Austin. I am very flattered that they are excited about
my paintings considering the gallery hangs work from the old masters as well as living, internationally-known artists.

Hustle and Bustle
20x10 oil on linen 

As a last note, I think I have this blog and the concept of "daily painting" and the small works to thank for my really exciting year. I've reached patrons and artists around the world, joined a community whose valuable feedback and technical and artistic talents have helped me grow significantly and felt, for the first time, really confident in my work. I think just having the feeling that there is someone out there "expecting" to see my work has helped me make more time and be more focused in the past year. That and my daughter's growing independence! :-)

1 comment:

ming said...

That's a great idea to replicate the effect Robin!

So often I fall in love with a painting very early on, I've never thought of recreating the effect, by doing another painting... I may do in the future.

Congrats on being represented!

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