Thursday, July 05, 2012

Taking the Plunge

10x12 oil on panel
Available at Tidewater Gallery

Ah.. Barton Springs Pool... a truly special place for all Austinites. Year round, this spring fed pool is 68 degrees. Even on the hottest days, all I can do is get my feet in and splash some water on the rest of me. Its a great spot for people watching though and soaking up Austin's relaxed, friendly atmosphere. This is no small swimmin' hole either - its more than 18 feet deep at one end and I don't know how long. This couple is taking the plunge in more than one way!

Here is a great video someone put together of people plunging in - Enjoy!


Arti said...

Very beautiful work, it has a lot of movement in it.Here I am still waiting for sunshine,though summer is half over!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Love this painting.
You captured the sunshine on the bodies so well.

I visited
Barton during the heat last summer and it was packed. I can see why it is popular. Austin is lovely.

Crystal Cook said...

I recognize this painting from your FB page. I really love it. Actually I LOVE all of your work and am quickly becoming an *ahem* ardent stalker.

And I mean that in a very complimentary and non threatening way. You inspire me.

Lisa Graham Art said...

I love this painting!

A Painter's Journal said...

Arti! Where are you? We have an abundance of sunshine as usual but we are not as hot as last summer thank heavens! I hope your summer brightens up!

A Painter's Journal said...

THANK you!

Virginia Floyd said...

Love Barton Springs! We lived in Barton Hills for thirty years. My girls went down to the pool every summer.

Laurel Daniel said...

This is the coolest video ever! Love the painting too! :)

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