Friday, July 20, 2012

Picking Up

10x12 oil on panel
Available at Tidewater Gallery
$900 framed
Ok - last one of this series. And though I am in the final throes of packing for our trip to YELLOWSTONE!!! I will write one last little story about model painting. This one isn't anything more than personality conflicts. I tired again to set up a model in public places over a year ago I guess. We had just a few artists at first, nice and small, but then someone invited so and so, and they invited another, and it grew and grew. Which is a good thing, but even the larger outdoor space we had at Mozarts on the lake, was getting cramped and I worried about our becoming a nuisance. AND we had someone join who was a real organizer and stronger leader than me (notice how politely I am saying this) so I was soon feeling pushed out of my own group. I didn't feel like it was going in the direction I had hoped. I'm kinda free-form and relaxed about things like this, and I shy away from organized stuff. If it gets too rigid, it isn't fun. Ultimately, winter came and we moved to a friend's indoor space and the models took on too traditional and stuffy a pose, so I stopped going and I believe the group kinda melted away again. 

Now I am just going to hire models when I need and want and invite a friend or two to join me if they like. No schedules, no drama, lots of variety, etc. 

We all have our ways of working that suit us best, and while its good to get out of our comfort zones to try new things, its also good to recognize what works for us and makes us happy and productive.  And there is no shame in preferring your studio, or being alone, or listening to heavy metal or talk radio, or having certain beliefs...the shame comes from not letting yourself be who you are. wow, I'm waxing kinda zen here.

May you all be happy and productive in whatever you do.  :-)


Lisa Graham Art said...

Another lovely painting and interesting story. Have a blast in Yellowstone! We were just there last is a sight. Expect crowds in the they say!

Marian Fortunati said...

At least you made the attempt.

I enjoy painting people, but I've never gotten to the point where I hire and pose my own model.

-- Too cheap... not organized enough -- you name it, I've got an excuse.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Well said, Robin. I wish I was nearer you and we could paint a model together. I identify with your relaxed attitude about organization.

The figure group nearby where I live decided they wanted a 10 week commitment instead of our previous week by week drop in format. I simply couldn't commit to it for that long for weather uncertainties in the winter and travel plans in summer.

Nice painting, this one. I like the gesture of the pose and the momentary feeling of it very much.

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of work comes out of your Teton and Yellowstone trip!

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