Friday, July 01, 2011

Boarder 2

5x5 oil on panel
$100 + s/h

Today I'm rejoining Daily Painter's Gallery. I dropped off for about a year while I focused on establishing myself with new galleries and working on larger paintings. I missed the community and the exposure to be honest. I look forward to being part of the gallery again. I looked into other such groups as well (and there are quite a few) but I still think this is the best. It was among the first, its done a lot to promote the artists, and they have high quality and varied art available! I suspect they must have a huge audience too. So I better keep my hand in these smaller works!
If you are anywhere near the beach and going to see fireworks over the ocean, I am jealous.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Virginia Floyd said...

Nice Robin. I really like the way you depicted the frothy waves! Also, I like the light and shadow on the figure. Good job!

Susan Roux said...

Nice little boarder series. Happy 4th.

Liza Hirst said...

The way you paint the sea is fantastic, not only in this one but also in a few others I've seen on the DP site. Very impressive!

Marie Theron said...

It must be such a commitment to be a daily painter. I was surprized at he detail you put into a 5"x5" canvas!

mike rooney studios said...

welcome back to DPG robin!

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