Wednesday, July 20, 2011


7x5 oil on panel

$100 + s/h
- sold

I wasn't sure I liked this one until I stepped back. Just one of the thousands of beautiful townhomes lining the streets in NYC. At one, a guy doing some renovations made us an offer to purchase. Sure wish I had a big pile of cash laying around.

This one would be cool much bigger. Then I could better depict the man entering the doorway and better describe the building's lovely stonework. Definitely going to go big on this.


Maria's Watercolor said...

Love this, such great color in here, from a New Yorker born and raised!

Studio at the Farm said...

RObin, it's great, and it WOULD make a great large painting. The colors are wonderful.

hmuxo said...

This painting and your previous paintings are amazing!!! You are so talented!!

yznhymer said...

Robin, I am truly thrilled with this painting. The colors, texture, and detail beautifully capture something special about the old brick architecture in the Village and other historic neighborhoods that evokes a strong emotional response and connects me to the continuity and soul of my native city. Indeed, it will make a wonderful large painting. It works well as a companion to "Corner Store." Now I'm thinking a couple of more - a cafe, night time or other city scene that resonates - would nicely round out my collection of small paintings remembering my childhood home. I'll have to watch what you put out there more diligently!

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