Thursday, March 03, 2011

Campus Bookstore

12x36 oil on linen
Available at Russell Collection

Here is another for the show this month. Its an unusual size and its another piece I thought about for a long time before I actually painted it. I did a small study of it as well trying to work out the color and light. So often these scenes lend themselves to dark colors... dark floors, dark walls, dark tables and chairs - so much wood!
So I want to try to not resort to losing everything in heavy dark paint.

6x18 oil on linen - 30 minute study

The line that is like wainscotting in the final painting is straight (for the most part) but my camera kept giving it a fish-eyed bow. I hope its straight - will have to check that at the gallery tomorrow night and hope its not so pronounced as in this photo!


Marian Fortunati said...

Seriously... you did the study in 30 minutes??? WOW... you are amazing. The larger painting is fabulous too.


SKIZO said...

thank you for sharing

Sheila Foley said...

Love it! If the larger piece is ever so slightly bowed in the middle, with 36 inches of space, it is too gradual to even notice. Reduced to web page size it looks steeper, thus more obvious. Even so, you are in good company. Whistler's "At the Piano" has an issue opposite to yours. His music room bows down in the middle. Both paintings are gorgeous and there are not many artists I'd couple with Whistler. You made the cut.

Trade Your Talent said...

such an amazing mood!

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