Monday, January 04, 2010

The Artist's Way in 2010

My friend Kate Merriman and I were talking recently about our creative blocks and challenges. She has worked through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron some time ago and was very inspired by it. I've had the book for probably a decade or more and never read it. I'm bad about that. I have some very nice and inspiring books I am sure. But I don't read much about art or technique... I just look at the pictures. I might read a caption or two....but the reading I prefer is fictional (escapist.)
My father in law and some other artist friends are very into the technical side of painting and have read extensively about the qualities of paint, oils, mediums, grounds, permanence, etc. I know enough to get by. I don't add much to my paint though. I use it right from the tube (mostly winsor & newton or gamblin) and then I let it dry and varnish. Voila!

I digress. Maybe this is like a morning page entry. The early part of the book suggests writing 3 pages every morning - which I've begun. And what better time to begin this project than the start of the new year?

We have made a blog (of course!) to post some of our thoughts and experiences as we go along. The book is divided into 12 sections - weekly steps. We might take a couple of weeks per section as we are both busy juggling multiple interests. We welcome others to come along for the ride and read the book, post your comments and thoughts and share with the creative community.

The Artist's Way in 2010


hokiesunshine said...

Well, I know I'm interested in what you can take away from this book. And I can't wait to see what you show for it!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I'm bad about that too. I have a whole pile of books to read or finish sitting by my bed. I actually bought more recently. Do you suppose I can just apply one to my forehead while I sleep and the information can soak through?

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I hope you stick to the morning pages, though. I think they clear out all the JUNK that gets in the way of ... the good parts of life. Go for it.

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