Monday, October 19, 2009

Calvert Victorian Gala

18x24 oil on linen - sold

What a fun and festive event in Calvert. I wish I could have been dressed up and dancing, but seeing it all was great. I worked smaller than I usually do for live events and finished the scene so that it could be auctioned that night to benefit the Calvert Historical Society. V....Vaughan's beautiful painting of the afternoon tea was a real crowd pleaser too. I think we are both happy to have participated in the events of the day and enjoyed the hospitality of this quaint East Texas town as a whole. Many thanks to Barbara, Cecilia and Jody for their hospitality and planning!

Some fine looking young ladies chatting around my painting corner.

The gentleman and lady in the center were the second place Best Dressed couple of the evening. They are in my painting on the right. I actually had all three winners for the best dressed couple in my work. I guess I had a good eye for authentic costume!

V's gorgeous painting is seen in the background here.


janice warriner said...

Wonderful work!!

Marian Fortunati said...

I can't imagine HOW you do these large paintings of such complicated scenes in one sitting.

Absolutely amazing!!!

Congrats on a great event.

V....Vaughan said...

Y'all should have SEEN THIS ONE!!!! I was the lucky one who got to paint first, ...lucky because I finished early and I got to sit behind Robin at the Gala afterwards and watch her paint this one all night, while the beautiful Victorians danced the night away.......Robin is a MASTER painter!!!
Mistress Painter????

LSaeta said...

Wow! I am so awe of the fact that you do this!

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