Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New York, New York

I am back in Texas after a whirlwind trip to the Big Apple. I met Phil Levine and two other artists to paint in the city and we had the best time. At least I did! It was the best trip there yet. I took 1,100 photos and painted about 8 paintings. I had my sketchbook too which I also filled with pen and ink sketches. I have enough material to work for a year and I can't wait to start!

The ladies I painted with, Petra and Sherrie, are such lovely people. We seemed very well matched in our tastes (for subject, food, eye candy, etc.) and in our energy and eagerness to soak it all in. Petra came all the way from Geneva, Switzerland. Sherrie is from Nashville and if you want to compare our reports and our work - you can probably find goodies on her blog.

I will start at the beginning I guess and show you the "dog" of a painting I did on Friday morning. We set up in the West Village again after dodging some rain. I have tried to paint the Bus Stop Cafe for 2 years now... still didn't get it. I promise, the work improves after this one! (I'm not going to show you a close up. Lets just say though that if the man at the table stood up, he'd never fit into the building!)


LSaeta said...

I like this paiting. And who says the guy ever needs to stand up? The colors are amazing.
I can't wait to see the painintgs and 1100 pictures ... wow. I am jealous.

Marian Fortunati said...

You're too funny..
Maybe not your favorite or best... but not a "dog".
I like the way you did the color studies on paper. I painted with Sharon Kaiser last week and she did that too... Really a good idea... If only I had the discipline....
Do you worry about smudging them???

Robin Cheers said...

Hi Marian -
As for painting on the paper, actually it absorbs the oils and dries kinda quickly so they don't smudge. Its nice to do quick studies, or vignettes, as Sherrie called them.

Carole Foret said...

Oh, how fun! Robin, I'm watching your NY painting journey! Can't wait to see your pieces.

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