Monday, June 15, 2009

Moses Botkin Monthly Challenge

This month I could not have waited any later to paint our challenge (something shiny from the kitchen). BUT, its not that I don't consider the challenge important or compelling. On the contrary, its the one thing that made me climb over the debris in my studio, ignore my house guest and my own stuffy head and paint.

6x12 - oil on linen - sold
© 2009 Robin Cheers

The Face Off
8x8 - oil on canvas board
© 2009 Michael Naples

Flour Scoop and Silver Cup
8x10 - oil on canvas
© 2009 Marie Fox

Press Event
7x5 - oil
© 2009 Diana Moses Botkin

Serving Spoon
8x10 - oil on canvas
© 2009 Silvina Day

Gravy Boat and Cherries
8x8 - pastel
© 2009 Mike Beeman

Steel Cut Berries
12x6 - oil on board
© 2009 Vicki Ross

1 comment:

kathrin said...

graet pictures, you can see and feel the material, it s very good !
Kathrin aus Bremen Germany

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