Friday, May 29, 2009

My Palette

I've thought I'd share my colors, especially those that I use as substitutes for cadmiums and other heavy metals.
In some case, I find that the "hue" is nearly as good as the real thing, though maybe not as vibrant or intense. And who knows about longevity as of yet. I admit trouble with intense reds... I was painting a woman's red shirt recently and found that if I wiped it back and left it slightly transparent, I got the best effect. Otherwise it just wasn't bright enough.
My palette is heavy on the warm tones. They are always there while the cooler ones, aside from alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue, vary. Also, I've been told that I set my palette up "backwards"... but this is what works for me.

The colors that are always found on my palette are:
Titanium white, or quick dry white (combo of titanium and zinc) (Classic or Gamblin)
Hansa Yellow (Classic Artist Oils or WN)
Indian Yellow (WN) -- that brand is the best!
Permanent Yellow (Rembrandt)
Cad Red Hue (Sennelier)
Alizarin Crimson (Classic Artist Oils or WN)
Ultramarine Blue (Classic Artist Oils or WN)
Sap Green (Classic)
Mars Black (Classic)

Frequently used colors are:
Raw Siena
Prussian Blue
Warm Grey
Royal Blue or Violet Grey (depending on brand)

The brands I gravitate towards are WN, Classic, Rembrandt and Gamblin. Gamblin especially makes some fun colors in their "radiant" series. Classic oils come in large tubes, like caulk tubes, and they are so buttery and rich. Really nice to work with, but not great for travel. I love the large tubes though, they make me feel less frugal about squeezing paint onto my palette.
The palette I prefer is disposable paper palettes which I close up in the Tupperware-like Masterson box.
My paints dry quickly here in Austin. Its so dry and hot that I almost always have to start with fresh paint daily. The box helps some, but many colors will form a shell overnight in the summer.

ok - that is that. Now for a health update. Obviously I have not been painting/posting again. Ben's dad is home in Indiana and mending. Ben is up and down... down this week unfortunately. As if things couldn't get more weird he now has vertigo. I'm rolling my eyes. What's next?!


Marian Fortunati said...

Interesting post...
Have you had any health symptoms from using the cads etc, or are you just being cautious.

Always enjoy learning from you!

mike rooney studios said...

thought i'd just pop in and say hey! hope hubby gets well soon. been missin you on here. nice 12x12 in todays post!

Mark Adams said...

Robin - I use a grey-tone palette pad and put it in the freezer at night. The paint doesn't freeze and comes out almost like it was when it went in with no skin. Love your work btw.

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