Friday, August 08, 2008

News from the Studio

Tomorrow I'm heading for Houston to paint the wedding reception of a lovely young couple at the fabulous River Oaks Country Club. I'm excited to do another live event. Its very exhilarating, in a terrifying way. But once the band is playing and the crowd is humming, I really get into a groove. The guests are always so thrilled to see the work develop and what an honor it is for me and my work to be included in such an important day!
Ask me how it all works if you have a special event you'd like to have memorialized in your own impressionist painting.

After the quick trip to Houston, I'm off for one more family vacation before school starts, so the posts will be irregular again! I will visit Castle Gallery in Fort Wayne one of the days, but will just miss their summer show on Aug. 21.

Just think what fun I will have painting and posting when school starts and I have more time than I've had in years.

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