Sunday, August 03, 2008

Chillin' - 30 Minute Study

oil on paper canvas

On Friday, I read Harley Brown's article in International Artist regarding working inconsistently, and it really struck home.
"Although I alluded to this before, I'm jotting down the subtleties that are really the underpinning of an artist with EVER DEVELOPING skills who draws and paints continuously. The confidence factor from working each day makes THE difference. I've talked with dancers and writers and musicians who say the same thing about how the previous day's work is important to each ensuing day. So goes the rhythm of confident strokes."
There pretty much is the philosophy behind the painting a day movement. And my "journal" here. I think that after one takes a break, there is this learning curve to starting again and a real loss of confidence. I've been so inconsistent this summer that when I do have time, I freeze up. So I decided I have to keep the paint brush wet, no matter how small or brief a work I do. It is my goal to post here daily, be it a pencil sketch on a napkin, a study, a small painting to sell or a gallery work. I hope you enjoy the journey along with me.


Melody said...

Looking forward to it Robin

Cecelia said...

I really like this one. Dark, loose, powerful, and full of energy. I wondered about the size. Maybe I missed that.
Do this on a large scale, and you would really get loose! 8>))

mike rooney said...

dont fret robin.. as frank gardner says "life has a way of getting in the way of painting".
i agree with your work everyday philosophy, thats one reason i cant bring myself to take more than a couple of days off (bye bye to vacations). scared to lose the mojo. my friend took two months off and it took that long to get the groove back.
so i think your going to really be glad youre doing something everday.
i'll be admiring what you do from my computer screen

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