Thursday, March 15, 2007

Abstracted Thoughts

12x12 oil on panel
I've been working this week, just not on small, blog works. Commissions and "larger" pieces have taken up my time. This scene is another from the Blanton. I liked the pose this woman adopted while she studied this very large painting. I made it much more abstracted than it really is, but I had fun doing so.
Next stop, the Texas coast for some R&R with artist friend, V Vaughan (and Anna). We are going to pose for V's class on the beach there. I hope - Anna does not sit still much. :-)
Speaking of the coast, I thought share a watercolor my mom did recently and emailed me. This is where my talents originated.

1 comment:

Michele Beaulieu said...

Nice painting Robin with warm and delightful colors.

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