Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You Tube for Arts Programs

You Tube is such a great resource for artists! Its great to do a search and see where things lead you. One favorite is Lucy Worsley's historical documentaries. Ah, what a job she has... Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces.

But back to art and artists... there are countless videos to watch contemporary artists demonstrate or talk about their work. Its always interesting to see behind the scenes and learn from others - so long as you don't spend more time on there than at your easel! Even better are the historical ART documentaries I've been finding.

Tonight, while sitting for an hour and a half at my daughter's gymnastics class, I found this video that aired on the BBC "David Hockney's Secret Knowledge" and found it very fascinating. I thought I'd share with you and I'm curious what you all think of his ideas. It made me look with new respect at works by Jan Van Eyck and other Renaissance artists. The amount of work in all that detail is mind blowing. I would sooner eat my paintbrush.

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