Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sunday Brunch II

10x10 oil on linen panel
$350 (sale price!)

Last fall, someone from the Academy of Food and Wine Service contacted me from the UK and wanted to use an old image of mine for their membership brochure. Very cool.

I didn't have the original so I thought I'd paint a new one slightly larger and be able to get a hi res image of it for them. Well, they prefered the original so we made do. Perhaps the image is now in use for their organization.

What is next? Well... this is the last of my 2013 paintings and I've been mulling over some new ideas. I have some larger canvases and bigger ideas. Perhaps more "posed" and planned and less serendipitous references materials (models at home and posed family scenes) -- but narrative and inviting. I hope. I'm enjoying the larger canvases too. A LOT. Now a 12x16 seems tight to me.

I am debating the daily painters websites.... shouldn't mention that here I suppose, but I just don't think my work fits the genre. I get some inquiries, but my larger paintings are too much for most buyers on there. And now that I am going bigger still...
I have this constant debate with myself over how much self promotion and marketing to do. Should I bother with direct sales at all? Should I go entirely to direct sales? Should I enter more shows? Join more groups? Be all over ETSY and FineArtAmerica and DPG and DPW and advertise? Should I move my blog to my website? Open a "store" on my site? Keep everything on my own domain? Will I lose all my followers? Sheesh -- 717!?!?! When did that happen? (WOW!)
OR... should I enjoy painting and hope my galleries will do the work for me?

Its a real conundrum. The economy is still lagging, art sales continue to be slow and there are sooo many quality artists producing so much wonderful work that its hard to know how to compete and make my voice heard. Hence my desire to experiment more and move in new directions. Perhaps its just time for growth and I am ready for it. I started blogging in 2006. I started painting larger "gallery" work and dropped the small daily paintings somewhere in 2011. And now I'm ready for a new chapter.

Was this what I hoped this post would be about? No. It took on a life of its own. Its good to meander those unplanned paths once in awhile.
I'm hoping you all will come along with me as I wander.

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