Sunday, December 29, 2013

Palette Ponderings

V....Vaughan took this photo at Joel's and sent it to me. I can't quite remember why it intrigued her but I think it was the palette arrangement sort of reflecting the painting image. I have mixed - quite unconsciously - my colors as they appear in the painting. The darkest darks were the first down (alizarin and pthalo). I used that to sketch my figures as well as paint the darks. Then I mixed the fuscia shirt color, the green shadow color is below just as it is in the painting and the flesh tones and background light to the side. 

I don't know if I do that other times. Maybe I do since it was quite unplanned. I think when I have a larger space I start mixing my darks (cool colors) on the left and work lighter (warm colors) to the right. That is how my palette is set up as well. 

Note: you don't need fancy equipment and the perfect setting to work! Lately I've been sitting on my family room floor painting while "watching" the tv and hanging with my family. 

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