Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Canal Street Cars

24x24 oil on cradled panel

Remember the painting that derailed me a couple of weeks ago? Well this is it. I worked on it some more. I sketched some ideas. I read Dan McCaw's book - esp. the chapter on light. And I decided it lacked a source and direction of light. So I decided it would be back lit and changed the scene accordingly. 

Is it my favorite work? No. I hope it sells and I never have to see it again! Seriously, it was a struggle, but I learned a lot and it was good to make me stop and problem solve a little. There are parts of it that work very well now and I am happy with that. And next time, I will plan better at the beginning! 

1 comment:

Studio at the Farm said...

Good for you for working through the "yuck" of painting. I think it has a very quiet beauty. Love the backlighting and those bright street-cars.
I have a block right now, too - can't seem to want to start a dog commission. Hopefully this weekend ...

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