Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oyster Bar

 12x9 oil on panel each

I think I had names in mind for these but have forgotten them. Hopefully I will come up with something clever. For now, they are two more views of the Oyster Bar. I've sent these images to Castle Gallery and all three paintings are spoken for. That is a wonderful feeling. I guess I got it right!


Studio at the Farm said...

You DID get it right. These are great, Robin! Don't ask me to be analytical about describing them - I just LIKE them.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

How marvelous these are already spoken for, Robin! Congrats. Your work just keeps getting better and better.

Meredith Adler said...

Congratulations on the sales. It's no wonder...the paintings are awesome, as always.

gextongexton said...

Great artwork. Love them all
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Gexton said...

This is beautiful. Really enjoyed catching up with your blog. What a great painting.

There were so many amazing views - I could have painted many more too
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Gexton said...

Striking painting, I love it. Her expression is so well captured.
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AR mirza said...

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