Thursday, November 03, 2011

Wash Day

6x6 oil on linen
$100 + s/hPURCHASE

I've been doing a few small format pieces to enter the Randy Higbee Gallery 6x6 contest this year. The gallery is associated with King of Frame, makers of nicely finished ready-made frames. Loretta Goodwin Gallery is also going to have a "tiny treasures" show this holiday season. I think its a great idea... and naturally I think small paintings are a great way to start a collection, give a meaningful gift or fill in a large collection. Everyone has room for one more!

Its been interesting going back to a very small format now. Its yet another challenge. The subject has to be simple enough to be doable on a small scale, and I find that its better if its not too subtle in color. Its been good practice in seeing and putting down color notes, and not fussing too much.

1 comment:

Ruth Andre said...

Robin, I love this little painting. You have captured the warmth of the sun.

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