Monday, May 16, 2011

Moses Botkin Monthly Challenge

I'm a day late. My apologies to my challenge partners. I've just been kind of avoiding the studio lately. First it was intentional. And now its been a slump of epic proportions. Even the challenge didn't get me motivated. It was the first one I missed though and I felt badly. So I wanted to share the others work at the very least. I'm warming up again finally and enjoyed trying a little watercolor sketch. I felt I owed it to my camera too. I'd be lost without it and I like the idea of paying homage to this wonderful artist's tool.

watercolor pencil on paper
©2011 Robin Cheers

Photo Play
6x6 oil on canvas
©2011 Ruth Andre

5x7 oil on hardboard
©2011 Diana Moses Botkin

Bite Me!
8x10 oil on canvas
©2011 Vicki Ross

The Camera
20x16 oil on canvas
©2011 Suzanne Berry

Sure Shot
5x7 oil on canvas
©2011 Sharman Owings

1 comment:

suzanneberry said...

glad to see you're feeling better. no worries. lovely!

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