Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holding the Line

11x14 oil on panel

Gallery info to come.

I'm really enjoying painting these scenes. Its become a favorite subject. Perhaps after having painted a few, I feel a little more free to experiment. I've painted the green grass and the blue jeans as they really appear. Now I can play with the subject a bit and like I did with this painting, paint it very high key.
Someone wrote and asked if I used a special palette on the previous scene. I didn't really intend to actually. It wasn't a conscious choice when I started, it sort of happened as I worked. One of the things I do while I'm working is to mix into the colors I've already blended on my palette. So the whole mass sort of blends and moves across my palette morphing from one set to another, but all part of the same. This probably makes no sense whatsoever.

I had an older shot of my palette so I thought I'd share that at least. You can see how my mixing moves across and keeps blending and morphing.


Sue and Spike said...


Sue and Spike said...


Linda Nickles said...

Your palette looks like a beautiful painting all by itself!

Linda Popple said...

I love hanging laundry paintings and yours are among my favorites!

Angela said...


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