Friday, December 10, 2010

Putting the Shine On

12x8 oil on linen

Gallery info to come.

My week was rather uninspiring so I thought I'd share this from last week's work. I think I put it on Facebook one day to show "whats on my easel" but didn't share the final image.
This week was full to the point of frustration! My hubby was out of town all week - just got home at midnight last night and left to go auto racing this weekend. I volunteered at school most of Monday, we had a short school day Wed. We had our weekly DI team meeting and I had lots of paperwork/registrations to do for that. Fill in the rest with doctor appts., hair appts., errands and chores and the time I did have to paint was dedicated to commissions or searching for the right image to spark my interest. Lets hope for a restful weekend and more time at my easel next week!


Kathy Cousart said...

Robin, Love this putting the shine on from the title to the painting. It is very inspiring and did not see it on facebook so happy to see it here. Love the simplicity of the subject matter and the well caught gleam of the clean shiny floor. Really seriously good!

Marian Fortunati said...

Well despite your overfilled and mundane week... you managed to pull off a stunning painting.

The colors, contrasts and brushwork just make that painting sing... WOW..

Bruce Sherman said...

"Cheers!"... and Chin up! We all have times of frustration like "You have described... when Life just seems to get in the way!

Love your Caretaker image! Take care... HAHA!! Chin up!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Susan Roux said...

Great floor! Juggling life and easel time can be difficult and frustrating. Hopefully when easel time finally comes around, you explode with delight and it shows through with exciting wonderful work.

Virginia Floyd said...

Really nice light in this one--on the figure and on the floor. Hope your next week goes better for painting!

helen said...

I like how your images deal with everyday people doing everyday things and the colors are so vibrant!

Dawn Chandler said...

Wow. The floor positively glistens! Nicely done!

shirley fachilla said...

I feel as though your painting caught the light as though it was a mirror and now reflects it back into the world.
Your week may have been uninspiring but your painting is inspirational!

Janice said...


Interestingly enough, this "uninspiring week" you've chosen to put an "uninspiring"person at work,doing a rather "mundane" job, but managed to make it all look brilliant and beautiful!

(this was hard to write at 7:28 Am!)

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