Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Week of Art Boot Camp

I've now realized that Kim English's class is like boot camp. I painted so much my wrist is sore and my head was reeling every night making sleep difficult.

It truly was a great experience. First, Belinda Aber of Wimberley Artists Workshops is running a great school and has some really good teachers on her schedule. I'm thrilled that she is so close to Austin. Wimberley is a small but active community with lots of beautiful Hill Country scenery around. And the artists who attended the workshop were such a pleasure to work with!

Dinner out for our group at Cypress Creek Cafe

Table 2

I learned a lot and can't wait to get back to work next week to continue pushing myself. We literally painted 5 minute poses. That means we tried to paint two models and the background in 5 mins. and when the timer went off, we had 10 seconds to wipe our panels while the models assumed new poses. Kim English can capture the scene, on a medium sized canvas, with no trouble. Its amazing. And what an exercise for us! We eventually graduated to 10 and then 20 minute poses by the end of the week. The 20 minute poses seemed much too long! LOL

One of my 5 minute sessions Friday.

Another 5 minute sessions from Friday.

This was from Tuesday (day 1) - since that day I warmed up my palette a lot and managed to get a little farther like adding some background info.

I can see the difference from the start of the workshop in my own work, but I still didn't make the progress our instructor could make in his demos. All of us seemed to hang in there, complaining a little, but working hard.

This is an example of Kim's 5 minute painting Friday.

I'd highly recommend the exercise! It sure beats my 30 minute studies! That might feel like forever to me now.

This painting is now mine! A 12x14 5-minute demo by Kim English.


Trudy R. Gomez said...

So good you took one to remind you of your experience. I'm very impressed with your efforts. I would have to have at least 30 min and would probably still be lacking!

Dana Cooper said...

I enjoyed reading your experience in the Kim English workshop. I took it almost two years ago and still consider it a valuable way to grab the important values quickly!

Anthony Duce said...

The paintings look like so much fun to do. Sound like a great experience.

Linda Popple said...

I think time limited studies are incredibly helpful! I don't do enough of them. I don't know why (it's hard work!), because when I do I can difinitely see a difference.

You are so lucky to have one of Kim English's 5 minutes studies!! :-)

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