Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monthly Challenge Group

a page from my sketchbook

What a fun idea. Definitely a challenge. And I had ideas... but ran out of time. So my contribution is a sketch of a farmer's market in the West Village. There on the table, see the eggplants! Really!
Ok - I did this tonight. Late. Yes, I sketched from a photo. And it was very fun and so relaxing.
But let us see everyone else's wonderful interpretations!

It's Just A Big Ole Eggplant - 14x10
(c)2009 Dianne Mize

Eggplants - 8x10 oil/canvas
(c)2009 Silvina Day

Eggplant - 6x6 Oil on Board
(c)2009 Mike Naples

Eggplant? -11x14 oil on gessoed panel
©2009 Vicki Ross

Huddled Eggplants - 11x14 oil on canvas
(c)2009 Marie Fox

Attack on the Eggplant - Oil 6x8


Karen Rike said...

Robin, I hope you don't mind but I have just tagged you because "Your Blog is Fabulous!" Please visit my blog to collect your award!

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

LOL These are fabulous! They make me look forward to August. Thanks for sharing everyone. The funny ones are a riot.

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