Monday, March 23, 2009


marker sketch on 8 1/2 x 11 paper

I'm trying to get back into action today. I painted two small paintings today. Both have been wiped off. Just as they deserved. So I ended up with time just to sketch. I think this is actually good. Its been maybe 3 weeks since I've painted so trying to jump right in is crazy. I knew I'd fail to be happy with my results. The sketching reminds me of how I like to work - the gestural qualities I like to get in paint. It also makes me focus on the values and a sound composition (editing).

This reminds me too that I heard a story on the radio (npr) the other day about people who "doodle". That is me to a tee. I can't seem to be sitting without doodling. My daughter gets upset with me when I absent mindedly grab her crayons and start on her menus at restaurants. Have I written that before?
Oh well, the gist of the radio story was that people who doodled while taking notes, listening, etc. actually retained more information than those who just sat and presumably focused on the teacher, or information being presented. So, take note, if you have students or people who are doodling away while you talk, it does not mean they are not listening.


Anonymous said...

i have similar experiences with my doodling while listening. luckily most who know me now accept that my listening is exceptional as long as i'm doodling. lovely sketch robin. r.

LSaeta said...

So, next time you are frustrated with a painting or two ... send it may way! I can't imagine that you could ever do anything that is not amazing!
Glad you are back painting.

Laurel Daniel said...

I love your sketches. So glad that even though you were frustrated, you worked your way to this! Wonderful.

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