Friday, April 04, 2008

Eating Establishment - WIP

24x36 oil on linen

Stage two. I put about 3 hours into this today and worked mostly the darks, circulating around the painting and connecting them. I wanted to work all the darks and gradually move up to the lighter values rather than work one section at a time. I think this will help my motivation to finish. So if I was looking at the value scale, I might have come up to a 5, or 4. The whites are still the areas that I have not painted yet.
The part that I most enjoy in painting is the highlights. Those magical strokes that transform the flat planes to illusions of three dimensions. The right highlights will round out a form and give the illusion of light.
As Skip Whitcomb called them, "the money shots."
Those go in last. And in the end, you do a lot more looking than painting. The canvas before you will tell you where to put those special strokes, and I love that part.

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