Monday, April 14, 2008

Art After Dark

So my artist friend Tess Walls and I made our way downtown Saturday evening to be part of the art festival entertainment. We eventually found our way to our place... you can imagine how confused these large art events can be... and we met some other artists from the Austin Figurative Gallery. There were two model sets apparently and about 20 artists registered to paint before the interested crowds. To be honest, I don't know how crowded it was! Once I began painting, I focused on my work and the models.
The painting was not ideal conditions to say the least. Bad lighting, cool breeze, bugs, and such. The poor models were shivering! (It was a crisp 60 out.)
We too
k plenty of breaks though and got to enjoy the party. It was a very fun evening. And those deplorable conditions being talked of, I will now be brave and post my work from that night. Here it is in its unrefined, unfinished glory.

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