Sunday, November 04, 2007

Live Event Painting

24x36, oil on linen
A week ago Saturday I had the opportunity to paint another wedding reception. This one in the Texas State History Museum. It was a swank affair. Its so much fun. I get to do what I love, and live vicariously for a few hours being part of the celebration and finery.

Once again, the guests were enthralled and thought it was the neatest idea. I hope the couple likes the work. I've left it in its sketchy, impressionistic style. It kind of reminds me of some of Toulouse Lautrec's work of the Moulin Rouge. Lots of lines, the underpainting showing through, gestures and color being the most important things.

The way this works is, I go early and set up as the other vendors are as well. I begin the drawing and paint in background. But not too much since the people go in front of it, and with oils, I don't want to get muddy trying to overpaint in rather a rush. So the guests begin to arrive and I capture gestures and clothing - sometimes with an oil pastel. I painted about 5 hours total. Lots of interruptions from admiring and curious guests too... which is a lot of fun for me. I like too that it brings fine art into the real world. It introduces people to artists methods and materials and hopefully educates people about how attainable real, original art can be.


Cecelia said...

It's very interesting to read your comments about your painting process. What do you do in restaurants?
I usually just draw with pencil on paper, but I have a travel set of watercolors with me, in case I want to do that.
I had not thought of what you might do with an oil painting, other than to take photos and notes/sketches.

Robin Cheers said...

Hi Cecelia -
I paint from photos mostly. Though I do go to a local coffee shop at times to paint on the spot (with oils). The local coffee houses are a little more "hip" and relaxed. In a fancier place I take photos - no flash. It takes a lot of photos to get something to work from and none are perfect. I also try to be very subtle, limiting the shots I get even more. Sometimes I just set the camera on the table or shoot over my shoulder.
But the vagueness of the photos allows me to really interpret and create the scene I remember and want to present.
I've also studied the figure a long time and do a lot of gesture drawing. I still enjoy drawing and sketching in figure sessions as well as in public. Many people work on their laptops; I draw on panels or paper.

ming said...

It is a lovely painting:)

And it's nice to gett a peek into your processes as well as your paintings.

I really enjoy your painting journal

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