Monday, January 08, 2007

Warm Welcome

7x5 oil on clayboard - sold
This is the entryway at Laguna Gloria, a part of the Austin Museum of Art. The home belonged to Clara Driscoll and sits in a lovely spot overlooking Town Lake. The grounds house the AMOA school. In this scene, the bright windows beyond the cool, dimly lit foyer beckon one to enter. More to come from here!

New Year's Plans
I think I am back on track to at least doing one small painting a week for posting/sale. I am actually doing more artwork - but I very much want to find some more gallery representation in another state and am building up more larger works in order to hopefully send some out. So keep in touch, sign up for email and look for me to post Sunday/Monday for awhile.
I also have a benefit auction I am painting for -
Make a Difference 2007 for the Lutheran Social Services girls' home, New Life. Its a great charity and I am going to have 2-3 pieces donated for auction.
I want to express my very heartfelt thanks to those who have taken interest in my work. While I might not be burning up the blogs and ebay with auctions, I am really pleased with my growth in recent months. I've reached a much larger audience than I ever had before and am a part of a much larger community of artists.


H Malott said...

Love your work. Beautiful interiors!

V....Vaughan said...

Wow, these new ones are really good!
I like the yellow bedroom best (The light hurts the eyes, like it really does in a yello bedroom!)
But the cozy corner is just the opposite! And it works so well! It's a very comfortable "macho" painting...I love the color of the light on the wall... I cannot wait to see more of these interiors, Robin...

Amy said...

Wow!--I received the painting today and am so thrilled with it!! It is even better in person. It is a wonderful addition to my collection and I will enjoy it tremendously.

I've been following your blog....I wish I could have bought your Three for Tea--I loved it too--but I have to pace myself!! :) I am really drawn to your work, though, and I look forward to hopefully having more of it on my walls in the future!

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