Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cozy Corner

7x5 oil on clayboard - sold
This is another scene from the Driskill Hotel in Austin. Its a darker scene, but I liked the pattern the torchiere light cast upon the wall. It feels like a good corner for a rainy day. They just needed a fire in the fireplace.

Work In Progress

This is a gallery piece, 12x16 I think, which I began before Christmas. Its from our favorite tapas bar here in Austin -- Malaga. I thought my viewers might like to see how I begin a work. Always with a line "sketch" in paint. This time I began with the flesh tones and lightest lights. I am pleased with the drama the scene creates just like this. I hope to maintain it throughout the work.


Lynn Nash said...

Are you ever tempted to leave a painting as this one is? It has so much impact right now!

Robin Cheers said...

Yes Lynn, I really do sometimes want to stop... but maybe do not have the confidence to stop here. Though I very much like some of Toulouse-Lautrec's works where he leaves lots of lines and works only one area/person more fully. Hmmmm

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