Monday, November 20, 2006

Bored With Tea

9x12, oil on panel
I did this painting a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd share it - it is not for sale yet. I will probably be doing something similar larger, and/or offer this to my gallery.

This is my daughter (the blonde with the unruly hair) and her darling friend, Sarah, at a mother/daughter tea recently. The girls got restless and amused themselves by watching traffic and people outside. This was such a beautiful setting. And it makes me sappy, especially as we get close to the holidays. Anna has had a lot of health issues in her short life and her initial hospitalization and diagnosis came the week of Thanksgiving 2 years ago. So this time of year I get pretty overwhelmed and emotional when people start talking of what they are most thankful for.
Before I start getting all weepy here, I will wrap up - I wish you all health and happiness and beauty in your lives. Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

What a precious painting! Don't ever sell it...your daughter will love to have it someday.

Anonymous said...

An absolutely adorable painting...If it were for sale I would not hesitate to buy it. I'll look forward to possibly seeing something similar some day from you.

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