Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mon - Fri

6x6 oil on panel
$125 + s/h - sold

As another thanks - and in the hopes of moving some of my smaller works out of my studio and making room for new - I am offering 15% off my ETSY site with the code THANKS12.

As an artist I think its hard to live with my past works sometimes. In a way, its hard to move on and keep creating and being inspired when I keep seeing these previous works sitting and staring at me. Some I love and hang onto but even those pale after awhile. We are ever evolving and growing and I think its important to look forward. My husband laughs at me and says I hate everything I do as soon as I finish it (not true) - but it is true that I am always looking ahead to the next piece. Not only is the creating of it what drives me, but I always feel that with beginning anew, there is nothing but potential to create something really beautiful.

In the book Art & Fear the authors talk about the idea that each brush stroke diminishes the painting's potential. As in, the more you work on a piece, the more it can only become ONE piece. But in the beginning, the possibilities are endless. 

Anyway - its an awesome book. And please help me by clearing out my studio.  :-)


Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Robin. I feel the same way about new paintings - now I know exactly why.

Art World said...

Love this one. Gigi

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