Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anything But Pedestrian

Anything But Pedestrian
12x18 oil on panel

I've been doing some reading about Pinterest. I know some of my friends love it and I know a lot of artists are very annoyed with the lack of accreditation for shared images and copyright infringement. I don't use it. I figure its just one more thing to keep up with and keep me from painting.

I haven't had copyright issues. I am sure it would suck if I find out that someone has stolen my creative efforts to make a profit for themselves. Frankly, I guess I don't believe my work is good marketing material and I don't think I am "there" yet to copy. But I looked up my blog on Pinterest today and saw a few paintings had been shared. And then they were shared again. And to be honest, I was rather flattered to see that my work was counted as favorites among some of my most favorites artists - Dan McCaw, Sargent, Johannah Harmon, Matisse...Whistler! They did have some beautiful art grouped! But me in there? Really? That is amazing to me. No, I wasn't credited in all the pins. But clicking the image takes you to my blog it seems so that is cool.

I did however drop in a "no pin" meta code on this blog... the only one I can control. But the daily painting galleries my work appears in allows the pins and I will leave that for now. When you are putting your artwork up in a public showcase, there is every chance for it to meander off and be shared, posted, blogged, tweeted, pinned, fav'd, and lose its way. We can't control who prints it at home and makes a poster of it for their wall. I am not one to believe everyone has malicious intent and am flattered that people like my work enough to share it. And who knows when one of those shares might lead to a buyer finding me and my work.

There are ways to safeguard your images and prevent them from being copied and sold, of course. Posting small or low resolution images, including a copyright name on the image, watermarks, etc. But again, that takes more time than I want to spend. There are just too many ways in which artists could spend their days working electronically rather than painting. Between the online galleries, forums, auction sites, email and social network/marketing, it makes my head spin!

Speaking of sales sites, I posted this painting and another larger one in my ETSY shop. If you aren't a member or don't want to sign up to purchase there, email me and I can invoice you directly.


Marian Fortunati said...

Always wonderful!!!

Sharon Wright said...

I am so pleased to meet a fellow blogger who talks sense re the sharing of work. Everything you have said here is exactly how I feel too. I am tired of those who are so insulted by copyists, etc. I too would be flattered....huh, fat chance! If you put yourself out there, expect anything, you want attention and it comes in many forms.
And thank you also for your wonderful cheery paintings, they brighten up my day.

Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Robin. Very interesting article today! I tried etsy, found it [for me] to be more social than business, was burned, and decided to leave. So I am most wary of similar sites. I also looked into pinterest, and thought it to be very much like etsy. For me - my art, and the southwest B.C. market - I feel it would be better business to create sales on a more personal basis. But we shall see ...

Anonymous said...

I am a new student to painting. My teacher is a published and successful artist. She has opened up a passion that I did not know existed. At the age of 54, retired and very accomplished with many other talents, the last thing I would want to do is "copy" someone else. I STUDY everything I can online and in books, along with her tutelage. I am not sure where this passion may take me, but I am grateful to have so many talented people giving advise and sharing their perspective of life through art. So, when I look at your work, I hope that I can study it long enough to do it my way. Thank you for giving me hope that one day I might produce something that someone else may want to emulate without feeling violated. BRAVO to a lovely artist.

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