Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moses Botkin Monthly Challenge

This month's creative challenge was to paint something beginning with the letters pi. I found this difficult because it had to be a specific object once the word had been chosen. I had to kind of back into it. First, try to think of a word/subject, then try to find something inspirational to paint. I have to say, I am not altogether happy with my results. I haven't put brush to canvas in a couple of weeks I think too, so there was the usual clumsiness with mixing and paint handling. And I'm not even sure this qualifies as a pick up... it might be an old VW van cut down, but with the open back it could be used for hauling and likely was before being left in this shed. Its an interesting way to work though. Definitely a challenge.

Old Pick Up
6x8 oil on panel

©2011 Robin Cheers

If you love this and want to own it, tell me now before I do my good deed for our environment and "recycle" it under some new paint. :-)

6x6 oil on panel

Sharman Owings

Apples for Pie
14x11 pastel on Pastelbord

Vicki Ross

10x10 oil on linen

©2011 Suzanne Berry

Pineapple in the Snow
8x10 oil on hardboard

©2011 Diana Moses Botkin

Pink Piglet
6x6 oil on canvas

©2011 Ruth Andre


Ruth Andre said...

Robin hold the White Out. This is a very fun painting and one a lot of guys might like. Hang in there and take another look in a day or two.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

I think your pickup is grand! and it took us to market to buy a pig!

suzanneberry said...

robin, your response to each challenge is so inspirational, so beautifully painted! love this!!

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