Thursday, February 21, 2008


10x23 oil on panel

This is one of the pieces that has been keeping me busy the last week or so. Usually I work best "alla prima" - that is finishing a painting in one session, but this one took longer. I managed to keep it fresh and spontaneous looking by concentrating very hard! I had to concentrate to look loose - figure that out.
Frankly, its exhausting.
I have not decided where I will send this yet and have to get a custom frame ordered since its an odd size. But will post purchase info soon.


n warner said...

Great composition, colors and format. Nina

mike rooney said...


had a business related question about something you just said.wondered if you want it here or email?

Deborah Paris said...

Wonderful new piece Robin- and we've got just the frame for it....:)!

Trisha Lamoreaux said...

Robin I love the mood you create in all of your work.

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