Monday, October 16, 2006

Breyer Foal

6x6 - $100 email me

Today's painting is inpsired by my daughter. Her toys are often littering the floor and on more than one occassion, I have looked at them thinking they made a nice composition. Well today I wanted to paint one of her toy horses. Actually, this was mine when I was young. I have a large collection of Breyer horses as well, so this might be the start of a fun series. I enjoyed painting this. The models are masterfully created and its fun to paint the highlights and perfect proportions of the toys. Its a little strange that I do not paint horses - growing up I lived for horses. I was a slave to anyone who let me ride and worked at stables to earn such priveleges starting in 6th grade probably. I eventually owed two also (well, my parents owned them!) at different times. I trained them and showed (hunters) all through high school. But then college took me away. My parents moved again and we decided my lovely little thoroughbred hunter needed more attention and loving. I hope he got it. I still wonder where he is and how he is.

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